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How to Take a Screenshot on VLC Media Player



VLC Media Player’s attraction is that it is a free and open-source media player that you can use to take screenshots. You might want to share a specific screen with someone, especially if you’re collaborating.

If you are playing a vid and want to take a snapshot of a particular frame, it is straightforward to do in VLC Media Player. Read on to see how it’s possible with just two keys and one tap of the keyboard.

  1. Start your video playing

    How to Take a Screenshot on VLC Media Player

    First of all, you need something to capture. You can begin playing your video up to the required position.

  2. Take your Screenshot

    How to Take a Screenshot on VLC Media Player

    When you get to the frame you want to keep, press Shift+S, and voila, the image on the screen is saved.

    Tip: If you open VLC Player and start taking screenshots, they will default to being saved in your Pictures folder. It is better to create a new folder within your Pictures folder and then go to Tools/Preferences/Video and set the download folder to the new folder you have made.

    All your screenshots will then be in one folder and will not get muddled up with other pictures.

Capture that screen!

Now you know how easy it is to take a screenshot from your favorite vid is a two-key, one-tap process. It’s fabulous for new wallpapers or funny memes, so let your creative drive go wild!

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