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How to Make VLC Media Player Default in 2 Easy Ways



Do you want to enjoy videos, movies, and music on your Windows or Mac computer? VLC Media Player is a top-rated program to use. It plays almost any media file, including media types on DVDs and audio CDs.

VLC media player can also stream music and videos online. Your computer is usually set to open these media files with either Windows Media Player or QuickTime. So how do you change the default player to VLC instead?

  1. Method 1: Setting VLC as Default on Mac

    How to Make VLC Media Player Default

    Below are the instructions to set VLC media player as your default on Mac operating systems. 

    – Right-click on the media file you want to open.
    Click on ‘Get Info’ from the drop-down list.
    – Click on ‘Open With’ from the following list.
    – Choose VLC Media Player from the options.
    – Click on ‘Change All’ to make this the default media player.

  2. Method 2: Setting VLC as the Default on Windows

    How to Make VLC Media Player Default

    Below are the instructions to set VLC media player as the default on Windows operating systems.

    – Click the start button represented by the Windows logo at the bottom left of your screen.
    Click on settings represented by the gear icon.
    – In the new window, click on ‘Apps.’
    – Now click on ‘Default Apps’ found in the left sidebar.
    – Click the button under ‘Video Player.’ At the moment, it will show your current default player. This might be Movies and TV or Windows Media Player.
    – Choose VLC from the list. These changes are saved automatically.

Listen to Music or Watch Movies and Videos Easily With VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is the popular choice for users who want to play various file formats through a single media player. Setting VLC as your default player is a simple process that can be done within a couple of minutes. Enjoy your favorite music, videos, and movies with VLC.

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