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How to add subtitles in VLC Media Player

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How to add subtitles in VLC Media Player by Softonic

How to add subtitles in VLC Media Player

In this video tutorial we will show you how to add subtitles in VLC Media Player.
First, you open the program. If VLC Player is your default player, then all you have to do is double clicking on the movie you want to watch and it will start playing.
You will see that no subtitles are being displayed yet.
If the VLC Player is not defined as your default player, open it by right clicking on the movie and choosing “Play with VLC” or by using the option “Open with”.
To add the subtitle, click on the “subtitle” tab and choose “add subtitle file”.
You can now select the file that you want to add. The notification “subtitle track added” confirms that you have been successful.
A second way to add subtitles to a movie with VLC Player is to save the subtitle file in the same folder as the movie. By doing so, the subtitles should automatically appear when you start the video.

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