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Okay, so today we're gonna have a look at VLC on Android. It's an early development release, so just be warned that it's not that stable. As you can see, the first screen you get here is the directory screen, where you can view all the audio and video that you have. Here's the video here. So it supports a huge range of formats but not HD, unfortunately. So, he's an .mpkv file. You can see its playing very smoothly. The features touch gesture control, so you can change the volume by sliding your finger up and down and the brightness as well, which would be on the left hand side of the screen, the volume in the center.

You can scrub through videos as well by sliding your finger back and forth across, so it's quite a neat gesture based interface. Here, we'll go and have a look at the audio now. So, it lists all your artists, albums, songs, genres, and you just go and you click on the song you like. As you see, it's a very basic player, you're your standard forward and back controls. You've got repeat and shuffle functions there. So, very basic but very practical and it works very well.

One of the neat things in this version of VLC is that it includes a widget. It's a simple audio player widget which you'll find here, and there, you can just use access the basic controls, stop, play, pause, etc. and flick through the various tracks.

So, let's go back in and now we'll have a look at the settings within VLC, which you can access at the top right corner. So, just click there, which is preferences, and there you can view all of the functions. So, you have things like detecting headset and enabling various features. Also, you can access networks streams via this option here. So, if you're streaming audio or video from the net, and there's a search function as well, which lets you search your memory card. You just type. There we have it. So, yeah, VLC. It's worth checking out but be careful, because it's not that stable at the moment.

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