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"VLC versions and Mac versions"

I have a Power Mac G5 - the kind that does <i>not</> have an Intel CPU. It uses OSX version 10.4.11 (Tiger).

Several attempts to download & use various versions of VLC Player produced a message saying that VLC Player would not run on this system.

This morning I tried to install VLC Player version <b>VLC-O.9.10 power mac pc</b> This version worked.

VLC Player didn't immediately recognise some video formats, but did so after I highlighted the video I wanted to watch, then opened Finder and then opened File and then clicked on Get info. That opened a box that lets the user select VLC Player for that file - and, if you want, for all files of the same format.

Now I guess I shall have to wait & see if it keeps on working O.K. Maybe I should wait a few weeks before saying any more?

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02 Dec 2010

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